1996 - 2000

1996 - 2000

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1996 - 2000
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1996 - 2000 (hoek-beeld)
2000, July 13th
Fit in the Millennium-festivities, the Latvian group 'Ratins' gave a show in the town park.
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1998, November 11th
For the first time, 'De Hovelingen-Viking' organizes the 'National Saint Martin's Feast'. It becomes a splattering child's feast.

In our anniversary year (25 years), we receive the prestige price of culture from the city of Gistel, traditionally rewarded with a 'Hoveling' (courtier).
price for culture, from the city of Gistel - 'Hoveling'

1997, August 16th
The Slovakian folkdance group 'Inovec' is our guest. Their enthusiasm stays with us in Gistel for a long time!
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1996, September 20th - 22nd
'De Hovelingen-Viking' organize the 'International Folkdance Festival' fit in with the 'European Cultural Weekend'. There are several shows, not only from Flemish groups, but also groups from France, Friesland, Scotland take part in this big event.
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